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Bringing DevOps to the Database

Abstract: DevOps is a hot topic in today’s software development world. However most of the knowledge and experience with DevOps is based around application software and ignores the database. We will examine how the concepts and principles of DevOps can … Continue reading

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Ignoring Database Version Control

I find myself surprised that so many people resist keeping their code in version control. I think this is less people all the time, but I don’t have good percentages because at this point I think a fair number of … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Branches

Branching code is hard.  Well, branching isn’t hard. Just right click in some GUI or or type “git branch” and off you go. The actual branching of code is pretty simple and painless. In some sense, branching might be too … Continue reading

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As I write more code, especially database code, and I collaborate with others (or myself), I find that I have the need to merge code more and more. It’s inevitable, and since I work across a couple machines, I even … Continue reading

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Git Pull in SQL Source Control

I wrote recently on Git Push in SQL Source Control (SOC), and now wanted to add the other side of the story, pull. This process is even simpler. I’ll be working with a new database, one that has two client … Continue reading

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What is the DLM Maturity Model?

I’ve written a few posts on the Redgate Software blog to try and show how I see the DLM model, and how we see things at Redgate. We have a lot of developers that work in a similar way when … Continue reading

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Git Push in SQL Source Control

I’m excited. Git support is growing in SQL Source Control and the release recently contains Git push/pull support. If you don’t see the release of 4.1.x, you need to update. The update should be available for everyone. I do like … Continue reading

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SQL Source Control and Git–Getting Started

It seems as though Git is taking the world by storm as the Version Control System (VCS) of choice. TFS is widely used in the MS world, but Git is growing, Subversion is shrinking, as are most of the other … Continue reading

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Simple Merges KDiff3 at SQL in the City

One of the hassles of working in a development team is that you will have conflicts between your code and another developer’s. That’s fine, and it’s a natural effect of allowing each person to work on parts of a database … Continue reading

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The History of the VCS

I’ve been looking for ways to convince more DBAs to use a version control system for their code. I realize that many of you have gotten along without them for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. A … Continue reading

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