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T-SQL Tuesday #116–Always Linux

This month is an interesting invitation from Tracy Boggiano. It’s on Linux, which I like. I hadn’t thought about this in terms of T-SQL Tuesday, but I think it fits and more than that, I think Linux will be the … Continue reading

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More Linux than Windows

Not for me. I definitely have more Windows running than Linux. Well, at least if you count minutes. If we’re counting instances of kernels, there might be times I have more running with Linux kernels in containers. However, on most … Continue reading

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Generating an SSH key on Windows

I needed an SSH key. First I needed to the WSL subsystem, and once I had that working, I could do the work I needed to do: get an SSH key. There is a utility to help with this on … Continue reading

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Adding bash to Windows 10

Awhile back I added the Windows Subsystem for Linux to my machine, rebooted, and promptly forgot about it. After all, I’m doing more PoSh these days and bash isn’t something I need. Until I needed it. I went to start … Continue reading

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