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Using tSQLt to Find Min/Max Times

I love tSQLt. It’s a good way to write tests that can determine if your code is actually working. Since I’m a fan of unit testing, I think using tests to verify your logic is great. What’s excellent with tSQLt … Continue reading

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Detecting Issues

Here’s a simple question: how are more of your application issues detected, by people or systems? I bet most of you initially think of your monitoring systems and the automated messages or pages that are sent out regularly as detecting most, … Continue reading

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Writing the Correct Query is Important

There’s a saying in the data world: garbage in, garbage out. We use that when we can’t get good information from our database because the data we’ve stored isn’t as useful as we would like. That’s a problem, and it’s … Continue reading

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Where’s the Unit Testing?

I’ve been a proponent of Unit Testing, especially for databases. I’ve given presentations on the topic and advocate the use of techniques to verify your code works, especially over time when the complexity grows, new developers change code, and potentially … Continue reading

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Quick Tests for a Function

I was writing a poorly performing UDF the other day and then wanted to replace it with a better performing one. However, I wanted to be sure that the function was the acting the same externally. In other words, does … Continue reading

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What’s Your Test Plan?

I ran across a post on upgrading a SQL Server instance, where the original poster (OP) was asking about a document to upgrade from SQL Server 2008 to 2014. That’s a big ask, especially as not many documents tend to … Continue reading

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Testing T-SQL Made Easy

Abstract: Everyone tests that code, but most people run a query, execute a procedure and run another query. This ad hoc, non-repeatable testing isn’t reliable, and encourages regression bugs. In this session you will learn how to begin introducing testing … Continue reading

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Quick Tests–Function Returns

I ran across a neat piece of code recently from Gail Shaw. She answered a question on returning the base path from a path in a string. Meaning if I had this string: c:\Users\Sjones\Documents\text.txt I’d want to return this: c:\Users\Sjones\Documents … Continue reading

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Do You Have Scary Code?

I once worked in a company that had a VB6 application (this was a long time ago), which had been mainly written by three developers working at the company. Two of them left, but we still have one of the … Continue reading

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Using Automated Tests to Raise Code Quality

Abstract Agile development practices can speed the development of applications and increase the rate at which you can deploy features for your customers. But unless you include a high level of test coverage in your code, these practices can also … Continue reading

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