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Default Backups and Feature Awareness

Have you ever been asked a question about your software and thought that the person was asking about an obvious feature? Perhaps someone has suggested a feature to you and you answered that this was already in the product. Did … Continue reading

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You Need Offline Backups

If you hadn’t heard about it, VFEMail may be dead. At least, that’s what the founder was thinking in this article. A malicious hacking incident took place last week, and though they’re back up and running, who knows if customers will stick by … Continue reading

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Cloud Backup

I think that backup and restore are the most critical things for any database professional to master. Whether you’re a professional DBA, a developer setting up a system, or a seasoned DBA, I would argue having your data safe is … Continue reading

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Testing BackBlaze Restores

The most important thing for a data guy is having a way to restore data. If security, performance, etc. are broken, those can be fixed is we have the data. If we don’t have data, does security matter? It’s important, … Continue reading

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