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Cloud Backup Comparison

I used to use Crashplan. This was about $150 a year, but I could to 5 machines. I used to do 5. I had My desktop My wife’s laptop My daughter’s laptop My laptop My son’s laptop This changed as … Continue reading

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How Far Back?

At the Redgate SQL Privacy Summit recently, there was panel I hosted that I thought was really interesting. At one point someone asked a question and there was a bit of a discussion about the right to forget in the … Continue reading

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Pause and Backtrack

One of the main functions for anyone that manages a database is ensuring that they can recover the system in the event of any issues. My view is that restores are the most important skill and task that need to … Continue reading

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Keep It All

I love this quote, though I’m not sure it’s accurate. From The Future of Data Storage, the piece states: “What’s the most expensive thing you can do with a piece of data? Throw it out.” That’s from a storage vendor, and … Continue reading

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