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More Query Tuning?

This is probably a topic near and dear to the hearts of Grant, Brent, Paul #2 (White), and plenty other more well known speakers in the #sqlfamily community that often present on the topic of writing more efficient code. They do a fantastic job … Continue reading

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SQL Server Tuning Skills

Performance tuning a SQL Server instance, database, or even query is a skill that most of us could improve. In fact, I see that the query performance presentations are often the most popular learning items at any event. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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We Need DevOps for Performance

I read this nice piece on CosmosDB and setting performance levels. It covers how you set some level of performance for Request Units (RU) and CosmosDB handles the rest. Great, right? Set the level of performance you need and that gets handled. The … Continue reading

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Graphing Performance

We have a lot of different database platforms to choose from when building software. Most of us reading this are SQL Server users, and likely relationally biased. However, key-value stores, document databases, graph databases, and more are out there. If … Continue reading

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The One Metric to Rule Them All

When we want to know if our databases are running well, most of us look at metrics for our servers. Usually some combination of CPU, RAM, Disk IO are chosen, though network, user connections, batches and transactions can be a … Continue reading

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Why Use R Services?

I ran across a blog post from the very talented Joe Sack recenty, who I hope makes a few more minutes for me the next time we’re in the same town together ;). The post is a look at some … Continue reading

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Finding Problem Code

Performance of a SQL Server seems to be one of the main concerns for most developers and DBAs. We are under pressure to constantly squeeze more performance out of our applications and reduce the time it takes for users to … Continue reading

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Searching for Plans

Today’s editorial was originally published on Sept 13, 2010. It is being re-run as Steve is away at training. I was re-reading Conor Cunningham’s “Does Join Order Matter?” recently and found this quote in the post that stood out. As … Continue reading

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Checking Baselines with SQL Monitor

We’ve got a demo of SQL Monitor available that takes data from the actual SQLServerCentral systems and presents it publicly. The data is slightly delayed, but it’s the real data and it shows the performance of our system. I actually … Continue reading

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Normalizing Performance

This week I ran across a post from Glenn Berry on hardware performance that I thought framed the concept of performance value well. In the post, Glenn talks about the latest TPC-E benchmark and the SQL Server performance values that … Continue reading

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