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Extreme SQL

I have made a career of working with SQL and databases. Usually I’ve looked for interesting companies and people, but I’ve avoided extreme situations. For me, that often is very large, or very real time environments. I once declined a … Continue reading

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Waits and Queues

How many of you have read this article: SQL Server Performance Tuning Using Waits and Queues? (PDF) If you haven’t, you might look at a review of the paper from Jeremiah Peschka. There is good advice about which parts to … Continue reading

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Simulating Load

I needed to generate some load for a demo and wasn’t looking forward to doing it. I was in a hurry, and didn’t want to deal with a lot of setup. Fortunately, I’d seen a technique for doing this in … Continue reading

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Lack of Memory

I was reading Brent’s look at “normal memory” for his SQL ConstantCare® clients. It’s a look at some stats from quite a few servers that customers have set up and he is monitoring. Since most of us only have a limited set … Continue reading

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