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AI Thoughts on the Build Keynote

If you haven’t seen the Build 2023 keynote, it’s, well, interesting. At a surface level, it’s focused on AI and delivers some demos that many of us might find to be useful and intriguing. I didn’t attend the event (or … Continue reading

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Sharing the Code

I don’t know how many of you use the ScriptDOM. I haven’t really used it, but was very impressed with Mala Mahadevan’s Stairway Series on the topic. I have recommended this to a few customers that were looking for some … Continue reading

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Off to the 2023 Microsoft MVP Summit

I’m off today to Seattle, Redmond actually, and the Microsoft MVP Summit. This is an annual conference Microsoft has run for their MVPs, allowing them to interact and learn from the developers for various products. I am a Microsoft Data … Continue reading

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Stale Data Causes Security Issues

Security has become better and better in many organizations. At the same time, hackers and malicious actors are doing a better and better job of finding new ways to attack systems. Some work to target specific individuals, often because of … Continue reading

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