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Moving to a New SqlClient

DotNet developers, if you’re using the System.Data.SqlClient, stop. Move over to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient now. It’s easy to do, well, it’s relatively easy to say that. The actual work isn’t that hard, but it can be a challenge to move assemblies. In … Continue reading

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Is 100% Security Possible?

Microsoft has spent a lot of resources working to ensure their software can be automated, audited, and configured securely. After the SQL Slammer worm, there was an effort made by the organization to code more securely. Secure by design and … Continue reading

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Data for Defense

It’s a dangerous world out there. Many of us hear about data breaches on a regular basis, and we often blame poor security at various organizations. Certainly there are a lot of silly mistakes made, whether in configuration or the … Continue reading

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New HA Licensing Benefits

Microsoft announced recently that they were changing the way licensing works for HA and DR situations. I think this is a great change, and the summary is: You can have up to 3 other un-used secondaries for free You can … Continue reading

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