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When Microsoft announced SQL Operations Studio last year, I wasn’t thrilled. The move to a VS Code shell was less of a concern to me than having a better SSMS toolset. Actually, with VS moving to MacOS, I was hoping … Continue reading

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The Data Submarine

For some reason, this came to mind: under the sea, under the sea. That’s what I thought of as I was reading about Microsoft sinking a data center. There are probably jokes to be made about Microsoft and sinking, though they’re less … Continue reading

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Microsoft and GitHub

I started using git with GitHub. I thought their hosted service was fantastic, and have seen quite a few companies using private repos for their internal code, including my employer, Redgate. I see companies from Five Thirty Eight to releasing their data to … Continue reading

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A New New Microsoft

Microsoft is changing again. Microsoft is reorganizing and the head of Windows, Terry Myerson, is leaving. The reorganization isn’t that surprising, as like most large companies, Microsoft usually does something each year. What is interesting is that they are moving away from … Continue reading

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