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The Ever Expanding Data Platform

This past week was the 2018 Ignite conference from Microsoft, where we had a number of announcements about the data platform. You can rewatch some of the sessions from the event, and I might recommend the keynotes to see some of the … Continue reading

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When Microsoft announced SQL Operations Studio last year, I wasn’t thrilled. The move to a VS Code shell was less of a concern to me than having a better SSMS toolset. Actually, with VS moving to MacOS, I was hoping … Continue reading

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The Data Submarine

For some reason, this came to mind: under the sea, under the sea. That’s what I thought of as I was reading about Microsoft sinking a data center. There are probably jokes to be made about Microsoft and sinking, though they’re less … Continue reading

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Microsoft and GitHub

I started using git with GitHub. I thought their hosted service was fantastic, and have seen quite a few companies using private repos for their internal code, including my employer, Redgate. I see companies from Five Thirty Eight to releasing their data to … Continue reading

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