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The K8s Overview

I’ve written some posts on Kubernetes (K8s) as I think this will be an important technology in the next decade for database systems. Actually, it’s not that I think Kubernetes is that important, but rather that the orchestration of containers … Continue reading

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Local Database CI Builds with Jenkins in a Container

In two previous posts, I’ve showed how to configure Jenkins in a container as well as how to add the SQL Change Automation plugin. This post looks at an initial database build in Jenkins. I will build from my local … Continue reading

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Expose Multiple Docker Ports

I was working with containers recently with Jenkins. I didn’t want the server process running on my machine all the time, but I did need to allow some communication. Jenkins uses 8080 by default, but agents need another port. I … Continue reading

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Learning Kubernetes Security Concepts

This post continues looking at my process of learning more about Kubernetes. I’ve been working through the 50 days of Kubernetes (K8s). Here I continue on with a few videos on secrets, configuration management and RBAC. Secrets I am glad … Continue reading

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