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Docker Challenges

I’ve been trying to get time to play with Docker more. I had it setup on my old laptop and was experimenting with different ways of working with containers and databases before I switched. Since then I’ve been slightly hamstrung … Continue reading

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Power BI Desktop on the Mac

Power Bi is one of the neatest tools that Microsoft has built for data professionals. It allows anyone to build fantastic interactive visualizations that can help tell a story and help someone make decisions. There have been some amazing demo … Continue reading

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Containing the Work

Containment is becoming more prevalent in the computer world. We have containers coming to Windows Server 2016 (or earlier versions with WinDocks), a concept that’s been embraced in the Linux world for some time. If you haven’t looked at containers, … Continue reading

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Containers and Databases

There’s this push to use ever thinner and lighter weight computing techniques. We moved from mainframes to servers to blades to VMs, and now many developers are looking at containers more and more. What started as a Linux idea popularized … Continue reading

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Trying Spoon

I ran into Kenji Obata of Spoon earlier this year and we ended up chatting about their technology. If you’ve never heard of them, they use container technology to allow applications to run on a Windows host, but separated from … Continue reading

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