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Dread or Desire

Today is the first business day of the new year. We’ve made it, and we’ve left 2020 behind, though I suspect some of the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic will remain for some time. Vaccinations are occurring, but there are … Continue reading

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An Experiment in Building Culture

While I have found that some aspects of my job with Redgate improved with our move to remote work this year, I think others have deteriorated. I have spent lots of time over the years trying to build relationships with … Continue reading

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Bean Counting to Burnout

I was listening to a story about healthcare in the US recently. This was an interview with Vivian Lee, the author of The Long Fix, which proposes some ways to improve the system under which I live. I thought it … Continue reading

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Missing SQL Bits

This week is SQL Bits week, which is taking place virtually over in the UK. Things are planned for UK time, and speakers are accommodating them. I had a webinar earlier in the with Grant at 930am my time, 1130 … Continue reading

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