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Finding Separation During WFH

Work life isn’t the same for all of us. In fact, as I read through this HN thread, I find that work is more varied than I often consider. I haven’t worked for any of the big tech firms (FAANG … Continue reading

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Research on the Changing Workplace

One of the things that I have admired about Microsoft is their desire to invest in research and try to learn more about subjects that relate to their core business. Microsoft Research has a number of fascinating projects underway all … Continue reading

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A Dedicated Space

Years ago I had a friend that was starting a consulting business. This person had worked for various organizations over the years and was ready to run a solo business. The city where this person resided was somewhat expensive, so … Continue reading

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Measuring Well Being

I need to write something more on this, but it struck me that this is something I wish previous employers had done, anonymously, and reported results back to others. I also with I had some data on how I look … Continue reading

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