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Remote Work

This is going to be the first time I’m working remotely today in over a year. I’m in Omaha, and while I’ve gone to a few cities, I haven’t actually worked remotely on a trip in over a year. I … Continue reading

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Office FOMO

There are plenty of companies that are starting to consider bringing people to the office. A few are tentatively making plans, Microsoft has opened campus with the option of 50% time at home. Google is aiming for Sept 1 and … Continue reading

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Finding a Break

Microsoft was one of the companies that dramatically pivoted to remote work. They enhanced their Teams product in a number of ways to help themselves, and their customers collaborate when people are not located in the same physical space. They … Continue reading

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Easing Back to the Office

Much of the tech world moved to remote work last year when the pandemic started. Various companies started to announce future dates during which they’d guarantee workers the ability to work from home. That was helpful, as many needed to … Continue reading

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