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Fun with Dates and Times

The other day I got a Github issue that asked if we here at SQLServerCentral should set our dates as YYYYMMDD in the new SQLServerCentral site. The issue noted that there were some inconsistent dates. Article dates are in a similar format, … Continue reading

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Understanding a Database

I ran across a post that asked a good question, one which I want to ask you today: how do you learn about a database? I’ve run into quite a few databases in my career. Some were third party systems, like Dynamics and JD … Continue reading

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Modeling and Design Are More Important in DevOps

I’ve run across a few customers that are adopting DevOps processes for the database. This makes sense as I deal with Redgate Customers, many of whom are doing this. As they adopt a Compliant Database DevOps process, it seems often … Continue reading

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Give Up on Natural Primary Keys

There is plenty of debate over how to design your database. At SQLServerCentral we have a Stairway Series as well as a few articles that cover design topics. I think it’s important for anyone that builds tables to spend some time learning what others … Continue reading

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