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A New PiHole in the Sky

Last year I set up a PiHole server on my RaspberryPi to help block some ads and malicious stuff (tracking, malware, etc) on my home network. It’s not perfect, but it’s a layer. Unfortunately the Raspberry Pi was unstable and … Continue reading

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Big Data Analytics

How large is your analytics system? Do you have more than one machine for analytics? Do you have a cluster of machines that run Hadoop in a YARN cluster to analyze your data? Are there hundreds, or even thousands, of … Continue reading

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The Ever Expanding Data Platform

This past week was the 2018 Ignite conference from Microsoft, where we had a number of announcements about the data platform. You can rewatch some of the sessions from the event, and I might recommend the keynotes to see some of the … Continue reading

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Azure DevOps

I’ve been a fan of Visualstudio.com and VSTS for some time. I moved most of my demos to this platform a couple years ago and I’ve been pretty happy with it since then. There is tremendous flexibility in how you can use … Continue reading

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