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The Hybrid Cloud

When various vendors started to push the idea of using the cloud for computing infrastructure, the focus was on moving all your systems to a hosted solution. It didn’t matter if you were interested in IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS solutions, … Continue reading

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Storage that Expires

Whether you like the idea of the GDPR (and the new California law), I’m sure you agree that these laws will likely change our data handling in business. Even if they are weakened through legal challenges, many companies have already started to comply … Continue reading

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It’s Azure T-SQL Tuesday #103

I’m slightly surprised that there haven’t been more invitations about Azure, with the main development branch of SQL Server being in the Azure cloud, but I’m glad this one came along. The invitation is from Björn Peters, and he asks … Continue reading

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Cleaning up Azure Client IPs

I travel around, and as a result, I may find myself accessing my Azure databases from different locations. Since it’s a quick click and login to add my IP from SSMS, I’ll end up with multiple ones. I don’t want … Continue reading

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