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Remember the Simple Things

This is a hardware post, and not at all database related, but it reminds me of troubleshooting problems in my career, and of a lesson that I thought I’d learned well. Apparently that isn’t the case. Over the last year … Continue reading

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Setting Up Pi-Hole.Net

I saw a tweet a short time ago from Drew Furgiuele about pi-hole.net. He noted this was a near use of a Raspberry Pi, and I wanted to give it a try. I got one awhile ago, and used it … Continue reading

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The Data Submarine

For some reason, this came to mind: under the sea, under the sea. That’s what I thought of as I was reading about Microsoft sinking a data center. There are probably jokes to be made about Microsoft and sinking, though they’re less … Continue reading

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Get What You Pay For?

Many items that we choose to buy have some relation between the price and the quality of the item. We often find that a more expensive appliance or automobile has better quality than a cheaper one. There’s certainly a point … Continue reading

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