A Memory-Optimized Roundup – T-SQL Tuesday #117

The summary from my fourth T-SQL Tuesday hosting for #117. This time I was scrambling a bit, but since I’ve worked with a few customers in the last year that use MOT tables, I thought this might be a good topic.

Either everyone is on vacation or not many people think about them. Or maybe they aren’t interesting. In any case, here’s the roundup.

Rob Farley has a win with user defined table types that are used in MOT objects. Never knew this was a possibility. Extra points for mentioning source control and DevOps.

Kevin Chant notes he studied them for his MCSE, but hasn’t really found them useful. Mostly because of older versions and restrictions on the feature. Kevin likens this to filtered indexes, which are a nice feature, but rarely used.

Jess Pomfret writes about some of the limitations for a feature she hasn’t used. A good summary of what they are, but don’t let her turn you off of the feature. It has its place.

Ken Fisher has a few notes about why he hasn’t used them. Not enough memory in his systems, older versions, and he doesn’t write the code. Apparently I’ve given him some things to think about and play with, and I’m sure I’ll see more blogs from him soon.

Johan Ludvig Brattås explains how he improved performance with a MOT table.

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