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Azure DevOps Changing Build Notifications

I don’t do a lot of team builds in Azure DevOps, but I constantly use it for demos. However, I’m often experimenting with things and I break builds regularly. I used to show the email notifications to audiences years ago, … Continue reading

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Azure DevOps Agent Job Names

I’ve been working with some complex builds lately, multi-stage ones, and I’ve been annoyed by the Azure DevOps agent. If you’re like me, you might see this in Agent consoles: Notice anything interesting? No? Me, either. This is annoying. I’ve … Continue reading

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Finding the Visual Designer in Azure DevOps Builds

This post is really a reminder to me, since I don’t create pipelines all that often, and I’ve forgotten a few times how to do this. Plus, while YAML is nice when you want to scale things, it absolutely sucks … Continue reading

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MSBuild and Azure SQL Database

I saw a report of a problem building a database with ReadyRoll in Azure SQL Database. This person wanted to use a local Shadow database in LocalDB and target an Azure SQL Database. I hadn’t build that config, so I … Continue reading

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