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Destroying Data

For many of the data professionals out there, our job is to ensure that data is protected. We work to protect the information in our databases in a variety of ways that allow our organization to continue to work in … Continue reading

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Data Has a Dollar Value

It seems that every year we see new ways of analyzing information that companies are adopting. In this era of Big Data, with the challenges of real time BI analysis of (often) streaming sets of data, companies search for ways … Continue reading

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Editorial Republish: The Value of Data

I’m busy today, in the Redgate office, rehearsing and practicing for the SQL Privacy Summit. Today I’m republishing The Value of Data.

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Auto-Deleting Data

Email has been a part of my life for well over nearly thirty years. It’s kind of amazing to think of a time back in high school when there weren’t electronic communications. That seems foreign now, as we don’t have … Continue reading

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