End of the Year Stats

I track some data from my life, some purposefully, some randomly from various services. Here are some areas to look back at this year.


I read a lot. It’s an escape for me from a busy life and a good hobby. I track my books on Goodreads and tag the ones I finish with the year in which I finish them. As of a couple days before Christmas, I was at 117 in the 2021 tag. Quite a bt of growth in books read:

  • 2021 – 117
  • 2020 – 82
  • 2019 – 128
  • 2018 – 79

Before this I wasn’t tagging.


I try to work out regularly. A few items from 2021

  • 328 workouts
  • 118,736 kcal burned
  • 225:32 hours working out
  • 319 miles of distance. Unfortunately yoga and weightlifting don’t cover distance Winking smile

Not a great year, but not bad. I was hoping to be above 365. I tend to do do things on weightlifting days, so I’ve missed too many days this year.


I love listening to music. I’ve had lots of music players, and went with an iPhone a few times specifically because the music support was better. These days I am mostly on Spotify, which is a fantastic service for me. It’s in the Tesla, on my devices, and I’ve got stuff playing often.

I love the wrap up from Spotify this year. A few stats:

  • 33,449 minutes listening
  • Top song – 3 Nights (36 listens) (also Old Town Road, California Dreaming, Who Says, and Short Skirt)
  • Top artists – John Mayer (2,243 minutes), with Beatles, Jay-Z, Notorius BIG and Stevie Wonder rounding out the list.
  • Top genre – Classic Rock (lots of guitar riffs I like here)


  • 30,043 XP (experience points)
  • Top 1% of learners
  • French and Japanese
  • 5978 minutes learning (99.6 hours)
  • 85 minutes on one day
  • 1074 words learned, probably more Japanese
  • 334 days when the stats came, 575 days on a streak. I used 2 streak savers in 2021, 3 in 2020, so not really all those days.
  • 258 days in the Diamond league (top league)

I got this icon/image/prize:

2021-12-06 09_44_49-YEAR IN REVIEW


With the pandemic still going on and not many events, I didn’t think I’d travel much, but I ended up with a good year.

  • 12 trips for me
  • 1 new country (Belgium)
  • 1 UK trip
  • 3 trips to Florida
  • 5 work trips
  • 48 trips according to Google

The spread in the US:

2021-12-20 15_41_25-Timeline

We ended up with 4 or 5 trips in the living quarters, camping out in various places.


Not bad, and hoping for more in 2022.

I also renewed my United 1K status. With a few trips and some promotions from them, I ended up back at the top tier that can be earned. That’s good as I hope to get back to more travel in 2022 and would prefer to get upgrades across the ocean.

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