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SQL Server Recovery–MCM Prep

I always have to think about what happens during the recovery process in SQL Server after a restore. I’ve always known the process as roll forward and roll back, which is how the items are noted in the SQL Serve … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Always the Humans

Today we have an editorial reprinted from Sept 19, 2005 as Steve is on vacation. Zoom in |  Open in new window Most breaches of security, stolen data, etc. are almost always the result of some breakdown in the human factor … Continue reading

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Does It Count?

I wrote a blog recently about downtime and SLAs, and the need to have not only downtime SLAs, but also a data loss SLA. Thanks to Paul Randal (blog | @PaulRandal) for clueing me in to the need for having … Continue reading

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Master Training

As a kid, growing up on Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theater, I always wanted to be a martial arts master. A few years later, being a Jedi Master caught my interest despite the fact that … Continue reading

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