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The Cost of Page Checksums

What’s the overhead for a page checksum? I’ve seen various numbers thrown out, but I thought that Paul Randal had written at one point that it was around 1-2%. I can’t find a reference, but in this post, Paul doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Market

I’ve been involved in quite a few debates about job hunting and job interviews recently with a number of people that are considering looking for other work. I’ve also seen some intense debates on the subject of how to look … Continue reading

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Be Reasonable

Work is hard. It’s frustrating trying to work within the constraints of your job, your projects, and with the people around you. We all seem to have conflicting needs and desires, and often clash over when, why, and how we … Continue reading

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I Want Stupid Employees

It seems that the vast majority of people that I talk to in the technology field have trouble getting training funded. It doesn’t matter if it’s a conference or a class, it seems that companies don’t want to spend money … Continue reading

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