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Closing Out Replies

This editorial was originally published on Oct 17, 2006. It is being republished as Steve is at SQLBits 9 today. I’ve been posting on the Internet for nearly 17 years, from back in the days of Usenet, GOPHER, ARCHIE and … Continue reading

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The Two Day Adjustment

I made it to Cambridge and actually feel OK. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow, but the two day adjustment worked well. Tuesday I woke up at 5:30, and around 4:30 Wednesday before leaving for London. I flew late in … Continue reading

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RTO in Disaster Recovery

When you have a disaster, the time that you have to restore service is usually referred to as the RTO time. This stands for the Recovery Time Objective and it can is defined like this in Wikipedia: The Recovery Time … Continue reading

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Bits Bound

I can’t believe I’m driving to the airport again today for a trip out of the country. Given the troubles that I’ve typically had crossing the Atlantic, it seems crazy to me that I’m going to go for the second … Continue reading

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Know when to hold ’em

It’s time for the annual SQLServerCental party at the PASS conference in Seattle again. It’s become an event that’s a lot of fun, and a great way for the SQL Server community to have some fun and get to know … Continue reading

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How Should We Pay People?

It’s an interesting article on how to pay people from Dan Ariely at Business Week. It’s a look at some of the issues with paying for knowledge work, or work that isn’t well defined. The short version is that you … Continue reading

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Recovery Models

In SQL Server we have three basic recovery models: full, bulk-logged, and simple. By default we find that most databases use the defaults, which mean that they are in the full recovery model. In that case, you need to be … Continue reading

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Probabilities and Disaster Recovery

When I talk about disaster recovery, one of the key things that I try to stress is the idea that the amount of effort and resources you devote to the problem is often scaled to the risk of loss. It … Continue reading

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Big Gaps

I saw this piece on Learning Unix from Miguel  de Icaza that brought back memories. Michael is a well known developer that is working an open source implementation of .NET called Mono. He worked at Microsoft and continues to bring .NET to other … Continue reading

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Quick Recovery Techniques Webinar

The slides for the SQLServerCentral webinar #13 are available here on the blog. Download them from the link below Quick Recovery Techniques PPT There aren’t notes in there, but if you have questions, let me know. The recording of the … Continue reading

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