What Do You Want from SQL in the City?

This week finished the SQL in the City 2012 tour, which covered six cities in the US this fall and London this past summer. It was a fun, hard, whirlwind event that had myself, Grant Fritchey, and a lot of other Red Gate employees working hard to bring you a fun, educational, and worthwhile set of events. We met a lot of great people, and hats off to Annabel Bradford at Red Gate for organizing the entire tour.

I think we did a good job, and heard some great comments from people at the events. Right now we’re starting to think about 2013, and I wanted to get some open-ended feedback here from people on what they’d like to see. Whether you attended a SQL in the City or not, give us your opinion.

What do you want from a one day training event?

I’m curious what you hope to get out of an event, what formats do you like, what types of content, and at what levels? Does the size, location, or any part of the venue matter? Do you need tables for a laptop or are you coming to listen and get ideas that you’ll work on in the future? Give us your feedback on what you think makes a worthwhile day of training for you.

There are any number of ways we can do things in the future, all with various tradeoffs. We can do smaller events in more cities, larger events with more staff, or something in between. I can’t promise anything specific, but your opinion and feedback do help us to try and deliver the community service and education that will help you get better at using SQL Server.

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