The Cost of Storage

SAN disks

The cost of storage per GB drops, but the cost to companies seems to keep going up.

One thing that we can be sure of as data professionals: we will need more storage over time. We gather more data in our organizations and more data is sent to us by partners or automated systems. At the same time we must ensure all our existing data is always available for users. I don’t know how we solve any of these problems, but I do know that any solution will require likely more storage in the future.

As DBAs, we aren’t too often involved in the cost of storage. These days as many companies move to SAN-based storage, there are separate administrators are involved in the specification and purchasing of the actual hardware. That means that as DBAs we are removed from the impact of our requests for more storage. We don’t necessarily know what the cost to the organization is when we request another 400GB LUN. However this week I’m curious if you know the answer to this.

What’s the cost of storage in your organization?

I’m wondering if you know the actual cost in dollars or the impact to limited IT resources of enterprise level storage in your company. Does this impact the way you do business as a DBA? We often don’t have control over the growth of our data, but we seem to regularly be pulled into the discussions on how to best manage the amount of data and even archive data or reduce its impact on the organization’s storage.

Let us know this week if you are impacted by the cost of storage in your organization.

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