Human Power


Could this have been built just with human power?

This editorial was originally published on Mar 20, 2008. It is being re-run as Steve is on vacation.

I actually got this from my Mom, and thought it was amazing. A look at how you can move rocks. Now this aren’t just any rocks, these are Stonehenge-sized rocks. And the guy moving the rocks isn’t any bigger than I am.

The process is amazing, but to me the most amazing is that this is this is a relatively ordinary person, a retired worker, that engineered this process. He had a passion for moving things, and built a hobby that has provided a very plausible solution to a problem, or at least a question, that many people have thought about for a long time and not gotten better ideas.

The power of the human mind, as diverse and varied as we all think, is amazing. To me, this is a great argument for why we should constantly invest of all types of basic research, use the power of the Internet to distribute the workloads to those people that are interested, and allow them to correspond with each other.

I can even see corporations getting involved and helping people to move forward. I think the X-Prize that I’ve mentioned in my car updates, is another great example of just how far we can move forward when a variety of people tackle a challenge that they have a passion for.

So if you have a passion, pursue it. And share your knowledge with others. With the power of so many minds working on problems and sharing their accomplishments, who knows what we will accomplish?

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