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Last week was the opening of a new SQL in the City season for Red Gate Software. Once again, for the third year in a row, we had our first event of the year in London. We had a new venue, and only one day this year, but it was sold out completely, with well over 400 people commuting to the middle of London on a Friday morning. I was lucky enough to attend, though my name being listed next to 4 of the talks probably ensure I had an admission ;). This was one of the busier events for me, slightly compounded by the fact that I arrived in London about 20 hours before the event and left the next morning.

It was quite a bit of fun see lots of familiar faces and meet a number of new ones. I had some interesting questions posed to me, and I think I was able to answer, or get someone else to answer all of them. Sometimes it’s more important to be able to do the latter, since SQL Server has grown in breadth and depth, as well as sheer numbers of versions to the point where no one can keep everything straight. We encourage networking at SQL in the City, as do many other events, and you should take advantage of the time to meet a few new people, and renew old acquaintances as well. You never know when you’ll need to ask someone a question, and a personal contact might get you an answer quicker.

The event ran smooth (Thanks, Annabel and Carly), as they all have over the last few years. This year we tried something a little different, focusing the morning on development topics and the afternoon on administration items. I liked that split, and I liked the flow in the morning between three sessions that built on each other to tell a continuous story moving from development, to testing, to deployment. Deployment is an important topic of conversation at Red Gate these days, and we hope that you find it to be important in your organization as well.

Our tour is a little shorter this year when it comes to the US, with three dates in the fall: PasadenaAtlanta, and Charlotte. I know many of you were hoping we’d come to your city, and we might in the future. We are bringing smaller events, 40-50 person, half day seminars to a few SQL Saturdays later this year. If you’d like to have us come early to your location and speak at a SQL Saturday, let us know. It’s Grant and I doing most of the work, so we have a limited number of slots available, but feel free to voice your opinion to our Community group at Red Gate.

We like these events, and love the chance to speak with the community and customers, and plan on continuing them for the foreseeable future. I expect that we’ll bring more events to locations outside the US, and I look forward to meeting more of you all around the world at a SQL in the City near you.

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