Becoming an MVP

I see a lot written about the Microsoft MVP program and the various impressions the MVPs leave in the community. It seems that the view of MVPs is mostly positive in the community, and I hope that I do my part to further that feeling with my actions.

However, one shouldn’t work to become an MVP. Personally I think it’s not a goal for anyone to make or work towards. The MVP award is a recognition of your community service from Microsoft. It does consider what contributions you make technically to help others, but this isn’t a test to pass or an evaluation of your skills.
I view the MVP as a side effect of the work I do. I enjoy writing about SQL Server and speaking at events to try and help people get better at their jobs, inspire them to try something new or solve a problem in a different way. I enjoy helping others, and being a part of this amazing SQL Server community.
You can read articles on becoming an MVPMicrosoft gives guidance, and there’s even a Wiki article on it. However I’d say you shouldn’t even worry about this. Do the things you enjoy, the things that give meaning to your job. If Microsoft things those things are worth of the award, great. If they don’t, you should still feel a sense of accomplishment over what you’ve done.
Steve Jones

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2 Responses to Becoming an MVP

  1. Chris Yates says:

    Well said Steve and much needed. Appreciate it


  2. GS Sohal says:

    Great Point Steve .. to focus on growth and sharing .. and let other thing fall in place on their own ..

    as CHRIS said .. this prespective is much needed for most ..

    Thanks Again !!!

    (as small typo : If Microsoft things those things are worth of the award )


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