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Speaking at Connections

I just got my acceptance to the DevConnections, SQLConnections in September for two sessions: Continuous Integration for Databases Maintaining High Performance When Using Encryption I enjoy the Connections events, usually finding time to go check out an ASP.NET or developer … Continue reading

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The Cardinality Estimator in SQL Server 2014 – Going Forward and Backward

I saw a talk from Joe Sack (b | t) on the cardinality estimator (CE) in SQL Server 2014 and found it very interesting. To be fair, some of the "how it works" isn’t something I care about much, but … Continue reading

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The Subtle Push to the Cloud

With SQL Server 2014 released, there’s the temptation to upgrade for many DBAs. However the licensing costs and debatable improvements in the product will temper the DBA’s enthusiasm with the reality of the ROI seen by management. While reading about … Continue reading

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Back to Work

After surgery Fri am, I’ve been mostly taking it easy, but now it’s back to work. Got kids to school and at the standing desk. Overall I feel good and can walk fairly normal. Other than this big brace on … Continue reading

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