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April Blogger Challenge 4–Filtered Index Limitations

The April Blogger Challenge is from Ed Leighton-Dick and aimed at new bloggers, but anyone is welcome. I’m trying to motivate and cheer people on. Filtered Index Limits I ran across a limitation recently with filtered indexes and was surprised. … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Upgrade?

There was a post from the SQL Server Data Platform Advisor the other day that noted it’s been almost 10 years since SQL Server 2005 was released and it’s time to upgrade. At least, if you want to remain in support. Microsoft … Continue reading

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Altering a column to add NOT NULL

I had to do this recently and needed to look up the syntax as I couldn’t remember it. I don’t do this often, but I was working on a particular item and wanted to test this. I had a table, … Continue reading

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Dig Out the Root Cause

Early in my career in technology, I worked as a system administrator on a Novell network. Periodically we’d have crashes of servers on our network, or application failures, and while we understood that sometimes these were caused by transient errors, … Continue reading

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