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We really stink at estimating the amount of time that we’ll spend on building software. However I’m not sure that we’re much worse off than many professions. If you ask a doctor how long it takes to get better, do they know? They do in some small, often seen, well documented issues, but in many cases, they don’t really know. Can lawyers determine how long it takes to solve a case beforehand?

It seems the more accurate estimates typically come from places where the problem is fairly simple and very well known. However that’s probably true in software as well. If I asked you how long to write a new blog site, I bet many developers could come up with a close estimate.

The idea of telling a computer to do x seems more bounded and contained than other professions, but it’s really not. This is often because developers don’t get a complete statement of all the requirements from clients. However this also isn’t really any different than many professions. How many of you know exactly how you want a house built, or legal matter settled, or the specifics of medical treatments and effects?

I read an interesting piece on the idea that developers should just make small estimates, small changes, and move forward. They should be willing to undo, or redo their efforts as needed. That’s one of the benefits of Version Control Systems (VCS) and the great developers take advantage of the possibilities.

While there are certainly problems with moving too fast, there should be plenty of reviews, tests, and other steps in the process that keep the quality of code high. Letting developers push forward, experimenting, and building sections of code quickly can help continue to push your development effort quickly. As long as they’re willing to undo and redo their efforts as they get closer to the end product.

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