Your Favorite Feature that Needs Work

The SQL Server platform has grown tremendously since I started working with SQL Server v4.2. We’ve had various subsystems added, lots of enhancements, and even new languages. There have also been a few parts of the platform that have been discontinued, such as Notification Services and English Query. There are items that are deprecated, though far fewer that have actually been discontinued from the product. I’m not sure if I think that’s better or worse for all of us.

Apart from the deprecated, discontinued, and removed features, there are also lots of features in the platform that are stale. They receive very little development, and perhaps are very lightly featured on the What’s New pages. Or they never get any development from version to version.

This week, I’m curious what features you use or like that need help. SQL Server v.Next is in development, and while I don’t think major changes will be made between now and RTM, perhaps there are improvements that could be made in some areas. I’m sure there are a few SQL Server developers at Microsoft that have time to ask for a few more pull requests from their particular area of development. With that in mind…

What feature in SQL Server do you really like and wish would be improved in the future?

Your idea would be large or small. Perhaps you have some language enhancement. Maybe you run setup regularly and there is a change that might streamline that process. It may be that replication conflict resolution is a constant problem for you and you’d like a few development hours spent on this. It could be anything that you use, or would like to use. Perhaps you have an idea for an improvement, or maybe you just want something done. Let us know today.

The place to log bugs or feature requests is at the SQL Server Connect site. Post your idea there, then put a link in the discussion and make a case for why people should vote for it. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll get some improvement for the feature you like in the next version of SQL Server.

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  1. I put together this list of features by version based on a youtube video:

    Please let me know if it needs any updates.


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