Why DevOps? Employee Satisfaction

DevOps is being embraced by more and more companies, but still a minority of organizations that perform software development. There are plenty of software developers, project managers, and operational staff that are comfortable with their own process, even as they may struggle to produce software for their customers. I think DevOps is a better way to build software, and today I want to look at a benefit beyond faster releases. Today, let’s talk employee satisfaction.

The State of DevOps report shows that companies who have implemented a DevOps process have more engaged and happier employees. According to the eNPS (e Net Promoter Score), the employees are more likely to continue to work there, and recommend the company to their friends. That endorsement of the organization comes with two benefits. Employees are more productive, and they bring other good employees to work. After all, how many employees recommend someone they don’t want to work with or don’t think can do the job?

More deployments, easier deployments, the ability to get your code used by customers while you still remember how it works. These are the keys to helping employees enjoy their jobs. When employees are more engaged, and when they are satisfied with their jobs, they work in a more focused manner, trying to ensure their work produces results that help others in the company. In other words, more valuable code.

DevOps isn’t new; it’s a name given to a number of productive, effective practices that the best software developers have been following for years. The idea of DevOps is being more and more widely embraced, resulting in better software, along with happier employees.

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