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The Bucket List is a fun movie to watch, where two old men get a second chance at life and engage in some activities they’ve always wanted to enjoy. The idea of a bucket list isn’t new, and there are plenty of sites that can help you manage one. Brent Ozar has one on his site that he calls his Epic Life Quest, and I’ve enjoyed watching him tick off items. I got the idea of my own list nearly 20 years ago after hearing Ted Lesonis on the radio. He had a list of 101 things to tackled in life. Since he sold his stake in AOL, he’s had the resources to work on them. I have one, along with my wife, and we’ve worked through a few items over the years, though we were talking recently we need to revisit the list and perhaps revise things.
Why revise a bucket list? One of the things I’ve learned over time is that I change and the values, goals, and desires I once had will also change. The things I’ve had put on a list at 20 years old would have included owning a Ferrari, a Porsche, and a Lamborghini. At 40+, having owned a Porsche, the other things seem a little silly and vain, not to mention very impractical. At this point in my life, there are other things I find more interesting and captivating. The bucket list of today would be more experience based and likely contain more volunteer oriented goals.
I think my career has really changed as well, and as I move towards retirement, I don’t know if there are many more goals for me in this area.  However, if I think back, I know I’d have had lots of them when I were younger. There are a few things I’d still like to accomplish, and hopefully I’ll find some time to work on them. For now, I wanted to ask you about your career.
What’s your career bucket list? Is there something you’d want to accomplish? Build some software? Work in an industry? Get a particular job, position, or work in a location? Maybe you’d like to become an advanced techie on some platform or using some technology. There might even be a goal you have to achieve some recognition for your skills.
This is a tough question to spring on you in an editorial, but leave a comment if something comes to mind. If it does, maybe you want to jot some notes down that might help you move towards that goal. Even if nothing strikes you, perhaps you want to bookmark this piece and spend some time in the coming weeks thinking about your career. Goals are always good, and they can help drive us in a direction that may ultimately provide some meaning or satisfaction that is lacking.
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