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We Need DevOps for Performance

I read this nice piece on CosmosDB and setting performance levels. It covers how you set some level of performance for Request Units (RU) and CosmosDB handles the rest. Great, right? Set the level of performance you need and that gets handled. The … Continue reading

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Installing Pester

One of the things that I believe strongly in is that we need better testing of software. Actually, what we really need is better habits and understanding of how to test our software. I don’t think we need to test … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Automap in SQL Compare

I wrote a piece on SQL Compare and customizing the Automap feature. This was handy for me in a small project where I encountered drift and needed to fix the production side. In the article, I don’t map one of … Continue reading

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Practice Until You Don’t Get It Wrong

I wrote recently about a bad first day for an intern. He/she was fired, without cause in my opinion, when a production database was damaged while following a document for developer setup. The situation felt like a mistake, and one that … Continue reading

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