The 2019 Techie Gifts

It’s Black Friday in the US, and I assume, most of the world. With the advent of so many online options, I’m not sure how big a day this is for many people, but there certainly are many deals from local retailers. While I do like to buy local, I don’t plan on doing any shopping today. It’s just too crowded and busy for me. Likely a day of chores around the ranch for me.

There have been a number of Black Friday deals already going on for days. Brent Ozar has had a sale on training all month. Pluralsight had one last year, and I assume another coming. I expect there are other deals as well, but this week I wanted to talk about a few items that I use already or need to purchase. It’s the season for giving, so perhaps this will give you some ideas for the tech friends in your life.

I have a couple wireless charging pads I use regularly: one on my desk and one by the bed. It’s fantastic to be able to pick up or put down my phone without wires. I also have quite a few long Anker cords for my phone (here’s a USB-C and a lightning one). The more I use a 6ft cable in different places, the more I appreciate the length. Especially when charging in a public place. To help, I also have a travel adapter with USB plugs. I’ve used this often in the US when I need to share an outlet with someone.

I love music, and while I get by with cheap headphones often, I am tempted by a better set of noise cancelling ones. Maybe my wife will read this and get me something. She does carry a JBL speaker with us on trips, which we often use in our hotel room for some nice ambiance. I also carry around a wireless HDMI adapter, which comes in handy on the road, for work and pleasure.

I’m about ready to get a new laptop, and I’ll likely go with an HP Spectre again, though the Lenovo X1 and the Dell XPS both look really nice. I’m still debating, and if there’s a good sale this weekend, I might grab one. These days I think most laptops will do the job for me, but I like the small, lightweight ones for traveling. I’ve had no shortage of adapters, but I am thinking to get a small USB-C hub that might work well for a variety of tasks.

I’ve tended to stay away from any of the voice powered devices, mostly for privacy reasons. I have an older tablet, but most of the time my phone or laptop are what I use, so I don’t have a need there, but the new iPads look really nice, as do the Galaxy’s. I have a smart watch, and I love it. I certainly see the appeal of the Apple Watch or the Galaxy Watch. It’s on my list to pull down my data and start playing, something every data pro might enjoy.

There’s a lot more to the holiday season than shopping, but since it’s a big part of today, I wanted to list a few items that I’ve enjoyed, and encourage you to add more in the discussion. Perhaps you’ll give someone a good idea for a gift, or an item to put on their list.

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