SQL Is Always Going to be Popular

Hiring staff is hard, and certainly it can sometimes be a challenge to find good people to build software and manage systems. Many of us want to be those good people, and we are looking to improve our own skills. I think that’s one of the reasons that SQLServerCentral has become so popular. Many of us want to become better at our jobs.

It can be hard to determine what to learn and where to invest your time. I’ve talked with plenty of people that have worried about various Microsoft technologies and their longevity. Notification Services is the classic example, but I know people that have been wary of SSIS, Power BI, Azure, and more. It’s daunting to consider spending 100 hours across the next year on some technology, only to find it’s not likely to help you get the job you want.

Recently there was an analysis of the coding tests that were given to developers by various companies. This is interesting to look at from an employee view, when thinking what skills to work on. One thing I see is that SQL is constantly in demand. It ranks on the second most test language, only behind JavaScript. That ranking makes sense in that lots of companies need help with web technologies, and there are lots of these jobs.

What I’d also say is that most every job out there needs SQL. Whether you are a web developer, a mobile or client side developer, you use Java, Python, C#, or anything else, you’ll work with a database. Even many of the NoSQL class of databases have added SQL as a query language for developers.

SQL, for all of its shortcomings, is a standard way of working with data. It’s a skill that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon and the more you can build efficient queries, the more likely it is that you’ll impress someone in the next interview. Read our T-SQL articles and practice answering questions in the forums, and you might be surprised at how much of a T-SQL guru you can become.

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