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One thousand is just a number, but it’s also more than a number in this instance. One thousand is a milestone that I couldn’t have imagined a decade ago when thinking of SQL Saturdays. PASS has announced that SQL Saturday #1000 will be on October 24, 2020, in Portland, Oregon. Congrats to the team there, they’ve were one of the first to hold an event, have had many over the years, and I hope I have the opportunity to attend.

I wrote a few thoughts for the PASS blog, as did my fellow SQLServerCentral founders, Andy Warren and Brian Knight. The three of us have spent a large portion of our careers trying to educate and help others become better data professionals, and we’re all proud of the way all the organizers have worked to plan and run SQL Saturday events. We’ve amazed that so many community members have stepped forward to share their knowledge and speak at the more than 100 SQL Saturdays that occur each year.

Reza Rad produced a PowerBI report that shows we had 4 people speak at a 100 or more events. Kevin Boles (134), Kevin Feasel (115), Janis Griffin (107), and Rob Volk (100), all of whom deserve a virtual round of applause for all the time and resources they’ve donated to the community. Many others are on the list with dozens of events and hundreds more have spoken at a few events. If you scroll down the speaker section of the report, it’s an amazing and impressive number of people that have spoken at more than one event. An amazing way to support this community.

We’re data people, and numbers often have an impact on us. While we’ve had 20 PASS Summits, we’re about to have 1000 SQL Saturdays in a fraction of the time it took for those 20. I hope that more of you get the chance to experience one in your area sometime in the next decade. I also hope more of you decide to step forward and help organize or speak at one of the next thousand.

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