Is Now the Time to Learn?

With many of us shut in our homes, it’s a stressful time. We’re often managing work, family, and the rest of our lives from an unchanging environment. If you’re like me, you may struggle to tell one day from the next. Thankfully I have an app the keeps the date in the corner of my desktop, since I have to check it regularly to remember if it’s Tuesday or Thursday.

Some of us are busy, or busier, and some not as busy. Stress has changed, and I know quite a few people looking for some break in their routine. At Redgate, we’ve started the Community Circle, which has some technical resources if you’re trying to learn more or level up your skills. Some people are finding this to be a good time to tackle technical stuff, but not everyone feels that way.

Personally, I am doing a little more, or was before I got really busy at work, but more I need a break. I have been trying to do things away from work, mostly to just change my routine. I also have been doing a bit less overall, mostly because I’m struggling to find more mental energy to focus after work.

I saw this post from Kenneth Fisher, where he asked the same question and showed that he’s trying to learn to juggle. I have been doing a bit more guitar, which I find relaxing. As the weather improves, I’m looking forward to sitting outside with a drink in the evenings and just learning a new song or playing something old.

The lack of movement for many of us does mean more time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to focus on learning something. If you do, there are lots of resources, and we’ll keep providing information at SQLServerCentral. If you can’t focus, then maybe you just want to relax and consume something fun. My wife and I have gone through the Oscar Best Picture nominees, one every few days, which has been fun. However, you might try picking up a fun new skill, like juggling. A break trying something new, laughing at yourself, or just getting away from life, might help you cope better.

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4 Responses to Is Now the Time to Learn?

  1. Rod Falanga says:

    I’ve been spending some time learning new things. I’ve started learning Python and Jupyter Notebooks. I thought, at first, that they were one and the same. As in to do Python I had to use Jupyter Notebooks. I’ve learned that was wrong. I like what I’ve learned so far and can see using both at work.

    These are anxious times. I’ve been working from home since mid-March and will continue into mid-May, at this point. But everyone on my team has the feeling that once we get back to work, the side effects of the Coronavirus will continue. As in the possibility of some negative impact upon our employment. I’m sure others, who are still working, are having similar anxieties. At this point its a wait and see.

    Steve, that Community Circle thing that you linked to, is it open to anyone or is it only available to Red-Gate employees?


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