Are You Ready To Change Your Work Environment?

It’s Friday, it’s been a long few months, and I’m wondering what you think of work now that many of us are telecommuting. This week, I’m wondering if you want to answer one of these questions?

  • If you are telecommuting full time for the first time, do you want to continue doing so?
  • If you are telecommuting full time for the first time, are you ready to go back to an office?
  • If you’ve been working from home for some time, are you ready to go back to an office with people around?
  • Do you just need a variety in your working environment?

These are questions I’ve asked myself many times across the last few decades. My thoughts and answers have changed a bit over the years, and even now they’re different than they used to be a few months ago. Right now, I want to go back to an office more often than I used to go. I usually go to the Redgate Cambridge office four times a year, and the US offices rarely. I think after this, I’d like to get to each office in the US a couple times a year and four times in Cambridge. I miss talking to live co-workers. I might feel differently when this shut in ends, but I miss having some people around.

For almost ten years, I drove to an office every day while my wife worked at home. I was jealous, and wanted to telecommute full time, but none of my management would allow it. Then for almost another ten years I worked at home with my wife. She traveled quite often, and I struggled with the loneliness of being by myself. I often went to lunches with friends or sat in a Starbucks and worked, just to have some other people around. The third phase of my work environment has me at home alone often, but also on the road regularly, so I haven’t struggled with the times I’ve been alone in my office for weeks.

I don’t know how things will move forward from here. I’m sure something will change, and I look forward to societies finding ways to open things up over time. I know we’ll adapt and cope, but I also know that even the most introverted of us is a social creature and we do need some contact with others. Today, I wonder if your views of how we want to work have changed.

Steve Jones

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9 Responses to Are You Ready To Change Your Work Environment?

  1. pianorayk says:

    I generally prefer going to an office, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with working from home. I just recently interviewed for a job that would be a full-time work-from-home gig (even without COVID-19), and my experience over the last couple of months is partially why I’ve warmed up to it.


    • way0utwest says:

      I’m torn. I’ve loved being at home most of the time, but since I spend 60-90 nights a year on the road, it’s not quite full time at home. That being said, I might still love this if I could go to the gym.


  2. Brian K says:

    I could do this indefinitely, though I think I would still want to go in once or twice a week. I have a better set up at home than I do at the office. The only thing I miss really is my DBA twin. We chat on Teams all day but it’s not the same. My company generally frowned on WFH, so it will be interesting to see if that tone changes in the aftermath. In short: I’m flexible on this one.


  3. DerFredo says:

    Since the crisis started, I am allowed to work from home on a 4:1 basis, 4 days from home, 1 day in the office. I have been waiting for this to happen for years now (wfh, not the crisis…), but our HR department has had a policy of declining home office inquiries for no specific reason. Each day not commuting saves me 130 km and at least 2 hours on the road. I guess I reached an age where especially the latter gets on my nerves more and more. So I really hope the company group’s policy of allowing these things stays even after the crisis is over. But then, as a developer being the introvert that I am, I have no problem being on my own. I understand this is not for everyone.


  4. Antony says:

    I far prefer working from home to being in the office. Normally my company doesn’t allow home working, except for out of hours support or exceptional curcumstances, but I’ve found im far more productive at home than in big open plan office.
    I’d still want some face time with the rest of the team, maybe a day a week. Hopefully there will be more flexibility in a lot of workplaces in the future, as this situation is forcing a lot of businesses to realise home working is viable.


  5. Barbara Cooper says:

    I love being at home. Normally I have to go into the office though I mostly sit at my desk and code anyhow though I can provide remote support during off hours or occasionally as needed. I find that I am more comfortable at home and I can get more work done without the cost, time, and stress of driving and dealing with traffic. I am hoping I get this opportunity more often when things return to normal because I am a lot happier!


    • way0utwest says:

      Hope you get your wish. Do you think you want to be at home full time? I loved it at first, but grew somewhat lonely over time. I need some sort of balance myself.


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