Aiming for Better Data Governance

At Redgate, we have customers all over the world. I’m lucky that I get to work with, and sometimes meet, people dealing with all sorts of situations, environments, and even regional challenges. As a dev and DBA, I’ve never worried about anything other than varchar(). Now I have customers that have lots of languages and other issues that need to be accounted for in their designs.

One of the areas that has become more important in the last few years is Data Privacy and Protection. Between the GDPR and other legislation, and growing concern from customers, many organizations are starting to pay more attention to this area. Less so in the US, where we seem to be behind most of the rest of the world.

I saw a piece recently on the reasons why we might need more data governance in companies. Actually, the piece talks about needing more money for the Chief Data Officer’s budget, though I’m not sure most organizations have anyone in that role. A few do, and certainly I’ve seen some growth in companies worried about this, but it’s still a minority.

While regulations might change, and there could be a quick need to improve our processes in this area, I think the bigger issue is competition. More consumers are fickle, easily changing services whenever they are unhappy. More companies are building competitive services, and if you cannot satisfy your customers, they’ll go elsewhere. Increasingly consumers are considering data security and data privacy to be more important than in the past.

I’d urge you to think about these issues inside your organization, and try to be better in new projects. Ensure you could comply with the CCPA or the GDPR if necessary. That need could come quicker than you expect.

Steve Jones

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