DevOps and Exhibits

Last month I did a webinar with the ATARC group on DevOps and databases. I was on a panel with a few government employees talking about the COVID-19 pandemic and how this may have changed work inside the US government.

One of the panelists is a full stack developer for the Smithsonian. Ravyn Manuel talked a bit about her work in trying to build new exhibits for the African American History and Culture Museum, which will look to open up soon. Many of the exhibits in the museum were built to be interactive and touch capable. With the COVID-19 pandemic, they need to revisit their approach, finding ways to avoid having visitors touch shared surfaces.

There was an article after the webinar that included a bit more information. The idea for the immediate future was to use a visitor’s mobile device with QR codes or Augmented Reality apps that engage and excite people. It’s a great challenge, and as Ravyn notes, it’s an exciting time for DevOps and developers.

I think that’s one of the things that DevOps is supposed to produce. Some experimentation, and along with it, the excitement that comes from meeting and conquering challenges. Rather than big projects, we try smaller things, and adapt as they work, or don’t.

DevOps is helping many organizations reinvent how they perform software development. Many of the techniques are the ones some of us have been using for years, but the focus on the term has helped lots of managers rethink their processes. I’d urge you to look at DevOps ideas, but be sure you include the database. It’s an important part of the DevOps process.

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