All In to the Cloud

I was listening to the fall 2020 GroupBy conference recently and heard Gethyn Ellis note that he wasn’t aware of any companies that were over some age (a decade?), and that had made a 100% move to the cloud. The comment caught my eye, not because I haven’t felt the same way, but because I’d just heard from a company that surprised me.

During the DevOps Enterprise Summit recently, one of the keynotes was from Capital One. They are a 26 year old company that is focused on financial services, and they said that this year they are 100% in the cloud. They recently shut down their last data center. For a highly regulated company, and one that’s not a startup, that is impressive.

Almost all customers that I talk with are looking at the cloud in some sense. They might not be looking to move their biggest or most important applications, or even a majority, but they are often looking to hedge their bets, while they continue depreciating or using their on-premises assets for some period of time.

Not so with Capital One. They have heavily embraced DevOps, flexibility and rapid change in a way that had them open their 8th data center in 2014, only to pivot and look to eliminate that part of their infrastructure. They believe there is sufficient capability, reliability, and perhaps most importantly, security, in the cloud providers. They’ve embraced cloud-first, after an initial lift-and-shift approach for their thousands of systems.

I don’t know that most companies need to move in this direction, but this does show it is possible, and no matter what your concerns are, there are models of enterprises that have found ways to take advantage of the cloud and that you can look to emulate..

Steve Jones

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