All I Want for Christmas

I’ve been learning to play All I Want for Christmas this fall, hoping to have some fun with the family during the holiday. Hopefully it’s a festive, fun time of year for many of you out there, despite the challenges of this pandemic year. As I was listening to the words, I thought about what I’d want this year.

2020 has been disruptive to me, as someone that often travels and meets lots of people. Trying to comply with regulations, as well as stay safe, has meant parts of my job have changed this year. One thing that hasn’t changed is that I still work most of the time in my home office, which is a change that many of you got to experience this year. I wasn’t sure how people would cope, but most of the friends and colleagues I speak with have enjoyed working at home.

While I do think the world of work for technology people has likely changed, I also suspect that some of you won’t get to keep working at home forever. There are certainly managers that don’t like this format, though I hope this year has opened their eyes to understanding just how productive people can be, even when not visually supervised.

One of my wishes for Christmas is that we find a way to hold some live events next year, with speakers and attendees getting to be in the same room, network, and shake hands. I know this won’t happen soon, but I’d happily skip other presents if this would come true sometime in 2021.

I suspect that many people this year have varied wishes for this holiday season, mostly for the health and well-being of their families, but perhaps some other more tangible hopes as well. In any case, I wish you joyous celebrations and smiles with loved ones.

Steve Jones

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