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The demise of the PASS organization is just a few weeks away, and if you want to watch or save any content, be sure you get moving. The sites go dark on 15 Jan 2021, so time is short. I found I could right click and save a number of the PASS Pro videos, as I’d like to see what content was produced by some of my friends and fellow community members.

As we look forward, I am hopeful and excited that the community will continue to come together and find ways to grow and share with each other. Already DataSaturdays are up and events coming. Even if my bid for falls short, I’m not remotely worried. We will continue to grow and run events that help the SQLFamily share, grow, and bond. The excitement and growth of the community across the last two decades was facilitated by PASS, but I think it’s really the people in the community that have done the work of building an amazing movement, especially around SQL Saturday.

I saw this past week a number of posts that look to the future. I liked Brent’s question of what you might want in a community. Most of the respondents note that content is the number one goal, which I agree with. When Andy, Brian, and I started SQL Saturday, we did so with the idea that many people don’t have the time or resources to go to the Summit (or SQL Bits, SQL Intersection, etc.). We wanted to provide a way that most people could get the conference experience and get inspired and excited. It worked better than we ever imagined, and I’m confident that many people will find ways to do so in the future. Already, with events like GroupBy, New Stars of Data, Data Relay and DataGrillen, there is plenty of enthusiasm in the community.

We are having discussions about how to replicate some of the success with Data Saturdays already. There is guidance for speakers and user groups. If you are a part of any of those, ensure that you are preparing for things to change in a few weeks. Look to the future, and find a way to help your community grow in 2021.

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