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I enjoy cars, and I’ve owned a lot in my life. In fact, I resurrected my list and I count 30 for my wife and I, with 1 motorcycle, 2 ATVs, 2 UTVs, and a tractor. Likely a new tractor or skid steer coming in the next few years as this one is 14 years old. I was hoping for a different car this year, but with two kids needing help, I’m going to have to delay my gratification for another year or so.

For years, Glenn Berry has been trying to get me to look at a Tesla. He’s owned a few and has driven me around. I’ve never been thrilled with them from a design perspective, though they are quick. Recently I ran across this video (5 Features that didn’t exist when I purchased my Tesla model 3), and for some reason I watched it. It caught my eye (especially dog mode) in that Tesla is doing DevOps with their cars, introducing new features in a way that evolves the car into something new.

Since then I’ve watched a few other videos, and the Model Y is intriguing. It’s got more range than the cars originally did and it’s not a crazy price. It’s expensive, and more than I want to spend, but it’s tempting because it’s a computer.

The way that DevOps is changing software is moving beyond tech companies. As I study more about how some companies are building better software quicker, I see that this is finding its way into more and more types of industries. From finance to medicine to manufacturing to shipping to anything, there is tremendous investment in software developers and computing technology to transform industries.

More and more we are going to depend on software, which means that quality, security, and more are going to become more important. They already are becoming issues, as different companies are realizing just how costly it can be to remediate software bugs for their customers.

I don’t know if I’ll get a Tesla, but it’s on my mind. If I do, I’ll ping Glenn for a referral code, and then likely be reminded forever that he introduced me to the car.

Steve Jones

Update: My wife and I went to test drive a Y. She loved it and actually decided to sell her current, 1yr old car and use that money for a Model Y. So I’m getting a Tesla. Or half of one.

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