Gathering Data Through Life

Every once in a while, I find a list of places posted on the Internet with a “how many have you visited?” question attached. This might be US states, countries, cities, or even attractions. I love traveling with my wife and having new experiences, and as we’ve gotten older, we value the experiences more than any physical things. It’s something that I hope we’ve passed on to our children as well.

My wife and I have been very blessed and have been able to travel a bit in life, though not as much as we would have liked with three children and a ranch of horses. We made it a goal about 6 years ago to try and visit a new country every year and experience life in another culture. The pandemic limited our travel for a few years, but we are starting to make plans to travel a bit more and gather some data for our minds.

We don’t actually get data to store in a database, but rather experience life, see and hear things, taste new foods, and hear new languages. The database in our brain gets a few inserts, although I’m not sure of the long-term retention and accuracy of those memories. A few bits get stored in the form of pictures, and one of the reasons I do like social media is that I’ll get reminded of times gone past on a regular basis.

Today, I’m wondering what data you might wish to gather through experiences? Is there something you have on a bucket list that you are hoping to experience in the next few years? This could be a place or an event. Perhaps there’s a concert or an experience. Skiing somewhere? Completing a class? Eating at an amazing restaurant? If you’re looking for inspiration, Brent Ozar has a list in his Epic Life Quest.

I’ve included a list of places below from the list that inspired this piece, and I have a longer list of places on my blog, but let us know what dreams you have to experience something in life.

Steve Jones

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How many of these cities have you visited? (18 for me)

  • New York
  • Toronto
  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Melbourne
  • Mumbai
  • Hong Kong
  • Beirut
  • Cairo
  • Moscow
  • London
  • Munich
  • Rome
  • Copenhagen
  • Berlin
  • Milan
  • Kiev
  • Los Angeles
  • Sao Paolo
  • Istanbul
  • Montreal
  • Beijing
  • Singapore
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Casablanca
  • Dublin
  • Prague
  • Barcelona
  • Amsterdam
  • Budapest
  • Athens
  • Manila
  • Las Vegas
  • Vancouver
  • Jakarta
  • Shanghai
  • Cape Town
  • Stockholm
  • Paris
  • Vienna
  • Glasgow
  • Osaka
  • Taipei
  • Miami
  • Santiago
  • Seoul
  • Dubai
  • Lagos
  • Warsaw
  • Lisbon
  • Auckland
  • Hanoi
  • Honolulu
  • Perth
  • New Delhi
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Chicago
  • Zagreb

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