The Home Setup

For many years, a home setup has been something us geeky people built to experiment, have fun, maybe play games, maybe for some career learning away from work. I’ve written about various workstations, as has Glenn Berry.

Then the pandemic hit and many of us were sent home to work. I’ve seen people working on dining tables, coffee tables in living rooms, and even on a spare dresser in a bedroom. I see big and small offices, many of which were thrown together to just get by in the spring of 2020.

It’s a few years later, and while I wrote about the ultimate home office in July 2020, I know that there are plenty of you still at home, at least part-time. While some companies want to get people back into the office, I don’t know how many people end up working full time in an office with the need for some setup at home.

I saw recently that Andy Yun was building a home lab for himself and his wife, Deborah Melkin (send congrats to the newlyweds! Hopefully, Andy and Deborah have nice working spaces at home, and they don’t interfere with each other. My wife and shared an office for a few years, and we both had to learn to grab a laptop and leave if the other was on a call first.

This week I wonder how you’ve changed your setup at home? Have you set up a dedicated space for work, a desk, a new chair, better lighting or larger monitors? What tips do you have for making a home office a real office?

Let us know what has worked, and maybe what hasn’t. Or better yet, what do you wish you had known in the spring of 2020 when you first moved into your home instead of the office?

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