The Value of Seniority

There was a short but interesting post on the value of seniority. It’s written from the perspective of someone that gets a new co-worker, but the co-worker is from the future. In fact, it’s the future you. The post is actually titled senior engineers are living in the future.

We (hopefully) are more capable and impressive over time. I would hope most of us are learning more each day and our work reflects that. The code you write today should be better than what you wrote last month or last year. The choices you make, the bugs you solve, the experience you bring to work often does reflect your seniority. Not always, but often.

Sometimes the extra experience you bring is valuable because of the knowledge you gain over time. Most of us have probably known people that seem to be the go-to resources for answers to questions or to solve problems because of the things they’ve learned over time about the environment. This can be frustrating to newer employees, and I’ve certainly seen my son experience that, but it’s one reason why staff who have worked there for more time are valuable.

There’s a point in the post that notes you shouldn’t compare yourself to more senior people. They can seem like they’re from the future because they just know more. Junior people will get there, if they work at learning more.

That’s a big point of focus that I try to emphasize to people that I work with, speak to, or read my editorials. Put effort into your career, learn more, both specific to technology and about the way your company works. Growing your skills, tech, soft, whatever, is a way that you can enhance your career and prove yourself to be more valuable.

It’s a way to make people think you are from the future.

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