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T-SQL Tuesday #85–Cross Version Restores

It’s T-SQL Tuesday time, and this month Ken Fisher hosts. His topic is backups, and while I’m sure there will be plenty of views on backups, I wanted to touch base on a relatively simple item. This is the monthly … Continue reading

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The Biggest Data Breech (For Now)

I keep reading the words “the largest data breach in history” in a variety of stories. In fact, given the tremendous growth of data acquisition, I’m guessing that this headline will continue to repeat itself over and over. I think … Continue reading

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Cloud Security Issues

Bruce Schneier wrote a three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) on cloud computing recently, part of a debate at the Economist. It’s a general look at the cloud from a few perspectives, and I think the thoughts are interesting. Whether … Continue reading

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Normalizing Performance

This week I ran across a post from Glenn Berry on hardware performance that I thought framed the concept of performance value well. In the post, Glenn talks about the latest TPC-E benchmark and the SQL Server performance values that … Continue reading

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Better Presentations–Hide those Windows

This is part of a series of tips for speakers to make your presentations better. I wanted to give some specific SQL Server presentation items that have bothered me recently. These aren’t big things, but they do cause problems for attendees, … Continue reading

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I’ve always wondered about this. When I create a stored procedure I do this: CREATE PROCEDURE MyProc @param1 int as BEGIN   — add code here END; As is often the case, I realize that I’ve made some mistake and need … Continue reading

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Two Steps Ahead

  Exceptional DBAs do more than respond to events and issues in their environments. In many cases, I think they even go beyond using metrics that detect problematic activity on their systems before users notify them. I think the best DBAs … Continue reading

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Manage By Delegation

More and more SQL Server instances are being deployed all the time. In fact, with the ease with which we can build a new virtual machine (VM) through snapshotting and cloning, it seems that many administrators are finding that the … Continue reading

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Wasting Time

I ran across this infographic on wasting time at work. From the title I was thinking this would point out the ways in which people avoid work, and perhaps it does, but it’s really geared towards showing us the framework and … Continue reading

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Jacks of all trades

Does your envrionment look like the one at Instagram? I’d bet that you ha there are a few of you that have an applicaiton or two that contains as many servers, components, pieces and parts, all held together with the proverbial … Continue reading

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