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How Can I Get Accepted to Speak at the PASS Summit?

There has been some discussion and concern over the changes to the speaker selection process for the PASS Summit. I’ve written some thoughts, as have others (Joey, Andy), but I was struck a bit by Eugene Meidiner’s post. In it, … Continue reading

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Getting the tSQLt Run Adapter working in Visual Studio 2017

Last year I heard about the tSQLt test Adapter for Visual Studio from Ed Elliot. I’ve been wanting to try it, but various items got in the way. Finally I had the chance to play and it worked well in … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #85–Cross Version Restores

It’s T-SQL Tuesday time, and this month Ken Fisher hosts. His topic is backups, and while I’m sure there will be plenty of views on backups, I wanted to touch base on a relatively simple item. This is the monthly … Continue reading

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The Biggest Data Breech (For Now)

I keep reading the words “the largest data breach in history” in a variety of stories. In fact, given the tremendous growth of data acquisition, I’m guessing that this headline will continue to repeat itself over and over. I think … Continue reading

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Cloud Security Issues

Bruce Schneier wrote a three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) on cloud computing recently, part of a debate at the Economist. It’s a general look at the cloud from a few perspectives, and I think the thoughts are interesting. Whether … Continue reading

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Normalizing Performance

This week I ran across a post from Glenn Berry on hardware performance that I thought framed the concept of performance value well. In the post, Glenn talks about the latest TPC-E benchmark and the SQL Server performance values that … Continue reading

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Better Presentations–Hide those Windows

This is part of a series of tips for speakers to make your presentations better. I wanted to give some specific SQL Server presentation items that have bothered me recently. These aren’t big things, but they do cause problems for attendees, … Continue reading

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I’ve always wondered about this. When I create a stored procedure I do this: CREATE PROCEDURE MyProc @param1 int as BEGIN   — add code here END; As is often the case, I realize that I’ve made some mistake and need … Continue reading

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Two Steps Ahead

  Exceptional DBAs do more than respond to events and issues in their environments. In many cases, I think they even go beyond using metrics that detect problematic activity on their systems before users notify them. I think the best DBAs … Continue reading

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Manage By Delegation

More and more SQL Server instances are being deployed all the time. In fact, with the ease with which we can build a new virtual machine (VM) through snapshotting and cloning, it seems that many administrators are finding that the … Continue reading

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