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The Short Summit

This week is the 2018 PASS Summit, the largest conference devoted to SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This is the 20th Summit, and I’m sure there are a few people that have been to all of them. I … Continue reading

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The Trigger Roundup–T-SQL Tuesday #106

This month was my turn to host T-SQL Tuesday. I chose Trigger Headaches or Happiness as the topic, and I am glad that there have been quite a few responses. I started the review almost immediately,and here are a few … Continue reading

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Republish: Managerial Moneyball

Still on vacation, hopefully hiking. Republishing Managerial Moneyball.

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Republish: Common Mistakes

Back across the pond, so a re-run of Common Mistakes.

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Predictions for the Future

There is no shortage of predictions that we all make every day. Long before PREDICT and the popularity of Machine Learning/R/Python and more, each and every one of us has regularly made guesses about what will happen in our world. Some of … Continue reading

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Table Internal Sync Rule–Substituting the Sync Column

I’ve been playing with Data Masker for SQL Server v6 and it’s an interesting product. I like the way it works, but I do find it a little challenging sometimes to figure out how to mask values. I’ve written a … Continue reading

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We Have a Date

For nearly half of my life, I’ve looked forward to new versions of SQL Server. At first I was just hoping to see SQL Server run on a stable OS, as the OS/2 1v.3 was my original installation. That system … Continue reading

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Database Mirroring Needs FQDNs

A quick basic post, and one that I’ve forgotten. Since blogging is a good way to remind myself of things, here goes. I was testing Database Mirroring (DBM) recently for an upgrade situation. I’ve set up it up in the … Continue reading

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A Bad First Day

I’ve started quite a few jobs throughout my career. In college, I worked in a variety of restaurants, changing employers at the start of every summer and again at the start of the school year. At some of those positions, … Continue reading

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How Can I Get Accepted to Speak at the PASS Summit?

There has been some discussion and concern over the changes to the speaker selection process for the PASS Summit. I’ve written some thoughts, as have others (Joey, Andy), but I was struck a bit by Eugene Meidiner’s post. In it, … Continue reading

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