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Treat All Sensitive Data as Important

We know that not all the data in our company is important. We have databases that contain orders or inventory or schedules, often much of which isn’t easily or directly related to an individual. At least, it’s not if you … Continue reading

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Google’s Expensive Confusing Rules

I worked through the Y2K crisis. I call it a crisis because so many of us were worried and millions, probably hundreds of millions of dollars were spent by companies trying to ensure their software systems would work when the … Continue reading

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A Large GDPR Victim

During the last two years, Redgate has been preparing for the GDPR to take effect in the European Union. As a company based in the UK, we recognized that there were both challenges and opportunities for our business. We needed … Continue reading

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Republish: Data Breach Danger

In Seattle today, delivering two talks, so you get a republish of Data Breach Danger.

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